S01 E20 - talking from the heart

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Some of my most hard truths about how I feel im being treated by not being currently being given treatment. No script just total from the heart talking.

Dec 29 2022

Hello everyone I hope you're all doing quite well and I will apologize now I'm
actually releasing this episode a little bit early there is a reason for that
it's quite quite a big reason I've alluded to a little bit in the last
episode where I was talking with Lisa whereby I'm a little bit frustrated with
how I feel I'm being treated or not treated as the fact may be so I wanted
to get this episode out get it done so that I can start the new year hopefully
a bit more positive I didn't want to put this episode out because this is gonna
be a bit of a downer this is gonna be me being completely honest completely
straight down the line with how I feel I'm sort of being left and as I said I
wanted to get this out so the new year start fresh you can have chirping me
back making jokes and whateve

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