S01 E24 - Straight talk, no holding back.

My MS Journey by Mike Parker
My new poem and straight honest talk, explaining how im feeling in the most open way I can. Im struggling but im still fighting.This may be a tough listen for some because I am quite passionate about, how I feel im not being helped currently by medical professionals and it feels like I'm being left to get worse all because they need to ti  ...  See more
Jan 23 2023

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Hello, welcome to the next episode of my podcast. I hope you've all had a good week. I hope

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it's been as good as it can possibly be for you. My week's been a bit hit and miss, I've

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got to be honest. It's not been the best, probably not been the worst either. On today's

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show, it's going to be a bit of a different show today. I've got a bit of a, I'm going

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to call it a treat for you all but it probably isn't, I've written another poem. Anyone that

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is on my social media accounts or my YouTube will have seen it. This poem is called I Won't

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Quit. I've also put up the p

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