S01 E19 - Macro Leadership VS Micro Manager

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer

In this Podcast, Dan talks about why we need Macro Leaders in our life and businesses. He also talks about the differences between Macro Leaders and Micro Managers.


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Dec 06 2022

What up everybody it's Dan Greer with Leading From The Middle Of The Pack coming at you today to talk a little bit about
Macro leadership. No, that's not micromanaging. It's called macro leadership
And I kind of want to break it down for you
So I was going to town the other day and I had this huge realization actually I was going to town with my wife
And kids my one of my old one of my sons was getting a haircut and I kind of drove by this person's house
And I just had this
Epiphany hit me and I was like, oh my gosh
This is like I went through this whole process and I kind of want to take it through the process to happen
So let's break into the theme song and we'll be right back after the intro
The big question is this how are leaders like us who aren't necessarily in a management position

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