S01 E18 - Investing In Yourself

Leading From the Middle of the Pack by Daniel Greer
In this episode, Dan drops some nuggets of gold around investing in yourself. Why investing in yourself is important and what you really need to figure out before you take the time, energy, or funds to invest. Enjoy!Hit Me Up On Ig @Realdangreer You Can Join Our Newsletter At www.Eclipse-DOT.Com Or You Can Check Out Our DOT Platform At w  ...  See more
Dec 01 2022

What up everybody, it's Dan Gray with Leading from the Middle of the Pack, the podcast.
It is all about leadership, even though you may not be in the leadership role.
It's about helping us live life.
It's about learning how to grow and everything that deals with that.
And so today I want to talk a little bit about investing in yourself and why it's so important
to invest in yourself.
And you know, a lot of times we think about investing as like the stock market or real
estate or some people thinking about it as like their house or a car or games on their
I've got news for you, those last three are not investments.
In my opinion, a lot of people argue with the house one, but that's beside the point.
But anyways, let's break into the theme song.
We'll be right back in just a minute to

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