S02 E04 - A Conversation with visionary founder and CEO of RichBrands, Rich Kozak

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Rich Kozak is the visionary founder and CEO of RichBrands, guiding people today in "Making Your Brand Come Alive, and Accelerating Your Impact!"Rich joins Joshua today to discuss the future of branding and media, leading heart first in business, helping make peoples dreams come true and much more! This conversation is just special and we  ...  See more
Jan 05 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so excited to introduce you to Rich Kozak from Rich Brands today. This guy is a legend. I was so excited when I saw his name pop in my email. As a potential guest for a broadcast because what he's done in branding the branding industry, but also in just what he's done to feed the minds of people all over the world, to elevate them into their really, their, to give them an opportunity to be the best that they can possibly be with some really awesome tools.
Joshua T Berglan: I, the list is so long of his accomplishments I don't want, I would be here for 15 minutes listing 'em. You'll be able to see that stuff in the show notes, but it is an honor. Folks, you guys are here for an absolute legend in the branding industry. So Rich, thank you for bein

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