S02 E03 - A Conversation With Sex Counselor and Victims Advocate Goddess MYA

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Goddess Mya is a very different kind of sex counselor, a highly qualified certified grief counselor and victims advocate and she joins Joshua for the most powerful conversation about sex, secrets, healing, Faith, empowerment, and being vessels to help others heal. She is the author of Things He Confesses About You to Phone Sex Operators:  ...  See more
Jan 05 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to welcome back Goddess Mya. Now, of course you guys have never seen her before , or at least on my program, but we've done another interview that I like, a knucklehead forgot to hit record. And I gotta just tell you, we have this amazing, heartwarming, empowering, borderline shocking conversation and wow.
Joshua T Berglan: But that said, I'm almost grateful that I got to just have it with you, Maya, because, or Goddess Maya, because I got to know you better and I got to see your heart. I got to see what you're about. And on a level that I wasn't expecting. I left with so many surprises. Like as soon as the broadcast was over, I ran upstairs, told my wife, oh my gosh, I just had this amazing conversation.
Joshua T Berglan: Did not hi

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