Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor'

by Joshua T Berglan 'The World's Mayor' Northfield

Joshua T. Berglan, widely recognized as the "World's Mayor," stands as a beacon in the expansive universe of new media. His groundbreaking venture, "The World's Mayor Experience," is a multimedia platform that bridges divides, fosters global connections, and celebrates unsung heroes from every corner of the world. As a two-time international best-selling author, Joshua's accolades extend to producing award-winning films and  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Creative Filmmaking Unleashed: Joshua T Berglan Meets Mike Messier

    Creative Filmmaking Unleashed: Joshua T Berglan Meets Mike Messier

    Creative Filmmaking Unleashed: Joshua T Berglan Meets Mike Messier | Independent Media, Art & Pro Wrestling Join Joshua T Berglan in an engaging conversation with filmmaker, playwright, actor, and pro wrestling aficionado Mike Messier. In this episode, they explore the world of independent media, the blend of old school and new school filmmaking, personal integrity in creative projects, and the unique connection between art and pro wrestling. 🎬 Topics Discussed: Inspiration to become a filmmaker The perfect mix of old school and new school approaches Monetizing art and overcoming distribution challenges Mike's novel "Fighter Play Basketball" and Rhode Island's creative scene Mike's diverse experience in acting, directing, and pro wrestling 🎥 About Mike Messier: Mike Messier is a multi-talented creative professional with a rich background in filmmaking, acting, directing, and pro wrestling. Learn more about Mike's work at 📺 Watch more episodes of "A Conversation with Joshua Berglan" for insightful discussions with creative minds from various fields. 🔔 Subscribe to our channel for more content on filmmaking, independent media, creativity, and more! 👍 Like this video and leave a comment to share your thoughts on the conversation between Joshua T Berglan and Mike Messier. #JoshuaTBerglan #MikeMessier #Filmmaking #IndependentMedia #ProWrestling #Creativity #Art #Screenwriting #Directing #Acting

  • "Insights" Vol. 8 with Lindsay Brown and Joshua T Berglan

    "Insights" Vol. 8 with Lindsay Brown and Joshua T Berglan

    Join Lindsay Brown, a passionate and purpose-filled Ocular Melanoma survivor, and Joshua T Berglan in an exclusive interview on Dirt Merchants Movie Company's platform, Tune in to 'Insights', inspired by the Dirt Merchants Movie Company's film, Vino Royale and be a part of an authentic, inspiring, and fun conversation. Hear their personal journeys of overcoming life's hardships – from Lindsay's battle with Ocular Melanoma to Joshua's painful loss of his father to melanoma.Learn about Lindsay's role as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Beyond Clean, and her endeavors as a keynote speaker in the U.S and Canada, advocating for safe surgery and the value of time. Explore how Lindsay and her company are revolutionizing the media landscape and their approach to new media platforms. Plus, get an insider's look at life in Northfield, Minnesota, and Minneapolis. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by Lindsay's resilience and dedication, all while managing her thriving birth doula business and raising her three vibrant kids. Support Lindsay's work Below are a couple of my favorite film projects we've done together in healthcare.Company Feature: Video: Growth YouTube Series: Inspiring post diagnosis video

  • "Insights" With Joshua T Berglan and Chadd Stoops part 1

    "Insights" With Joshua T Berglan and Chadd Stoops part 1

    Join host Joshua T Berglan in Volume 8 of 'Insights', featuring an in-depth interview Part 1 with Chadd Stoops, an acclaimed actor, comedian, and writer. This episode delves into Stoops' influential role in the Hitter Twist trilogy by Dirt Merchants Film Company, taking the hero's journey, exploring his extensive experience in the film industry, improvisation skills, and unique contribution to music videos and commercials. With a BA in Theater/Speech Communications/Psychology, Stoops brings depth and expertise to his roles. Don't miss this fascinating peek into the world of film.Check out some of Chadd's other work: Websitewww.louderthanwordsthemovie.comThe Precipice Trailer

  • "Insights" with Joshua T Berglan and David Firestone

    "Insights" with Joshua T Berglan and David Firestone

    Join Joshua T Berglan and David Firestone on Volume 7 of 'Insights', exclusively on the Dirt Merchants Universe platform at Dive deep into pivotal discussions on mentorship, the intricacies of managing actors while being one, the future of media, and the role of technology in filmmaking. Discover how Dirt Merchants Universe nurtures emerging talent, equipping them with vital skills for a technologically advanced future. Get an intimate look at the multifaceted talents of David Firestone as a manager, actor, and mentor. Tune in to unravel the secrets of success in the dynamic world of acting and filmmaking. Watch the full episode here.

  • 'Insights' with Joshua T Berglan and Austyn Reale

    'Insights' with Joshua T Berglan and Austyn Reale

    Behind the Scenes of 'Hitter Twist': An In-Depth Discussion with Austyn RealeDirt Merchants Universe invites you to step into the world behind the silver screen, a realm where the unseen magic of cinema unfolds. In our original talk show, "Insights," we unmask this mystery, providing you with a rare glimpse into the intricacies of filmmaking.This time, in Vol 5 of 'Insights,' we bring you an extraordinary sit-down between host Joshua T Berglan and the magnetic star of 'Hitter Twist,' Austyn Reale. Austyn's captivating performance has resonated throughout the industry and it's time we explored the process that brought this character to life.Our engaging host, Joshua T Berglan, guides us through Austyn's artistic journey, investigating the trials and triumphs behind his portrayal in 'Hitter Twist.' This conversation is filled with insider stories, career milestones, and a look into the nuanced role that Austyn played in our standout film. Be prepared to venture into the minds that are crafting the narrative at Dirt Merchants Universe.We bet you're eager to dive in! And there's more. If you want to continue following Austyn's journey beyond this episode, make sure to click here. Moreover, we at Dirt Merchants Universe believe in building a community of cinephiles. So, we're delighted to offer you a chance to sign up for a FREE membership at With this membership, you’ll enjoy privileged access to a treasure trove of content including behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive trailers, original series, and much more. Ready to start this cinematic adventure? Hop in for this enlightening episode of 'Insights,' and grab the opportunity to deepen your connection with the Dirt Merchants Universe. Follow Austyn's journey and register for your free membership now at Experience the enchanting world of cinema in a way you've never done before!Stay connected for more incredible insights!