S02 E05 - A Conversation w/ 3x Board Certified Physician & Author of The 3G cycle, Dr. Z

Joshua T Berglan by Joshua T Berglan
Dr. Miriam Zylberglait Lisigurski (Dr. Z), joins Joshua T Berglan for a conversation about kids, obesity, practicing medicine, inclusion, truth, and her soon to be released book, "The 3G cycle. The secrets for achieving joy, meaning, and well-being." Dr. Z is a triple Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Obesity  ...  See more
Jan 10 2023
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Joshua T Berglan: [00:00:00] What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Joshua, and welcome to a conversation with Joshua and Dr. Z. Wow. Just finished the broadcast and what a delightful human being She is extremely accomplished. I just, it was so hard during this interview to not focus on just all of her medical expertise and go down that path, but really what she presented was so much more.
Joshua T Berglan: Special genuine, authentic and really enjoyable to listen to the path that we took with this. She's a breath of fresh air and just such a genuine human being. And I just think that you're gonna absolutely love this interview or conversation. and thank you for being here. God bless you.
Joshua T Berglan: You can see more episodes at joshuatberglan.com. And also, if any of you are ne

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