Capital Connections

by Lorette Farris

Welcome to "Capital Connections," where the complex world of finance becomes approachable, practical, and ready for your entrepreneurial journey. Hosted by Lorette Farris, your Capital Coach. A seasoned financial services thought leader who’s journeyed through investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, business brokerage, and crowdfunding. This podcast is your gateway to demystifying the pillars of business growth.


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Podcast episodes

  • Technical Takeover: Transitioning from Technician to Entrepreneur

    Technical Takeover: Transitioning from Technician to Entrepreneur

    Transform from technician to entrepreneur: Learn key steps in business acquisition, market evaluation, and leadership for a successful entrepreneurial journey. Are you a skilled technician eyeing the leap into entrepreneurship through acquiring a business? This podcast guide maps the route with actionable advice. Learn how to assess market opportunities strategically, conduct ironclad due diligence, creatively finance your venture beyond traditional loans, build invaluable support networks, and upgrade your mindset from individual contributor to inspirational CEO. Follow our playbook, which covers every base to set up your new company for sustainable growth and profitability. Let seasoned veterans guide you through the exhilarating early stages of entrepreneurship now to make your leadership vision a thriving reality.

  • Preparation is Key: Getting Your Business Ready for a Profitable Exit

    Preparation is Key: Getting Your Business Ready for a Profitable Exit

    Essential Steps to Prime Your Business for the Market Preparing Your Business for a Profitable Exit. In this episode, we distill critical facets enterprises must amplify to prime for transition, including streamlining operations, quantifying growth potential, and formalizing continuity planning. By optimizing these pillars 12-18 months before engaging prospective buyers, you signal that your company can thrive in a new direction - expanding your pool of potential acquirers willing to pay premiums. We also explore essentials for enterprises playing the long game through sustained optimization versus those just initiating exit planning. Delving into financial readiness, the North Star guiding value conversations, we outline specific measures from retaining finance specialists to targeting 10-30% annual revenue growth that anchor lucrative negotiations. Beyond the numbers, we spotlight opportunities to enhance credibility by showcasing scalability, resilience, and stewardship vision - like documenting processes, identifying leadership successors, and improving accessibility. From articulating addressable market size to anticipated due diligence, our guidance spotlights avenues to accelerate and elevate deal outcomes through diligent preparation.

  • Fostering Interest: Nurturing Your Investor Funnel with Precision

    Fostering Interest: Nurturing Your Investor Funnel with Precision

    Keeping Prospects Warm and Engaged Entrepreneurs use actionable techniques to build strong investor partnerships, utilizing tailored communication, digital platforms, events, and personalized interaction. Embark on a journey through the nuances of investor relations with our enlightening podcast episode, "Fostering Interest: Nurturing Your Investor Funnel with Precision." This episode, led by an expert with extensive experience in investment banking and crowdfunding, delves into the art of building enduring relationships with potential investors. From initiating contact to securing commitment, gain insights on crafting a captivating investor journey. Learn the importance of strategic communication, personalized interaction's role, and digital platforms' effectiveness in maintaining investor engagement. This episode provides practical, actionable advice, making it a valuable resource for startup founders and entrepreneurs. By tuning in, you'll acquire the skills needed to attract and retain investor interest, paving the way for lasting partnerships and business growth.

  • The Professional Pivot: From Corporate Executive to Business Owner

    The Professional Pivot: From Corporate Executive to Business Owner

    Making the leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur? My latest article dives into the strategic transition to business ownership, offering insights and guidance for professionals ready to pivot. Immerse yourself in our enlightening podcast episode, The Professional Pivot: From Corporate Executive to Business Owner. This episode is essential for any high-flying executive dreaming of diving into the entrepreneurial world. We unravel the complexities of transitioning from a structured corporate environment to the dynamic and unpredictable realm of business ownership. Listen as we dissect the process of evaluating business acquisitions, share invaluable insights on identifying the right opportunities, and provide strategic tips for making this significant career shift. Our discussion delves into the core challenges and rewards of leaving the corporate safety net, equipping you with practical tools and wisdom to navigate this exciting journey. Whether you're a seasoned executive or an aspiring entrepreneur, this episode offers a deep dive into the art of transforming your professional path from corporate executive to successful business owner.

  • Timing the Market: Knowing When to Make Your Move

    Timing the Market: Knowing When to Make Your Move

    Ready to maximize your exit strategy? Dive into our latest insights on timing the market for business sales, where we explore key economic indicators and lifecycle stages to ensure you make your move at the right time. Perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners looking to exit on top. In the dynamic world of business sales, identifying the right moment to transition ownership requires strategic insight that goes beyond random chance. It demands understanding your personal goals, evaluating your company's trajectory, and interpreting economic signals clearly. As an advisor who has guided countless leaders through ownership changes, I recognize that timing is not about fortune but strategy and perceptive planning. Shifting market appetites offer invaluable cues, yet these are not whimsical indicators. They reflect methodical movements - an uptick in industry, changing consumer behaviors, or macro-level events rippling the economy.