The Art of the Deal: Exploring Types of Business Sales

Capital Connections: Training Series by Lorette Farris

Episode notes

Discover essential business exit strategies, including asset vs. stock sales, mergers, acquisitions, ESOPs, and more for effective business transitions.

Explore essential insights into business sales types in "The Art of the Deal." This article covers asset vs. stock sales, mergers, acquisitions, and more, tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs. A must-read for anyone planning a business sale or transition.

Step into innovative business financing with our podcast 'Financing the Future: Navigating Seller Financing and Earnouts.' This episode is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs and business owners, providing detailed insights into the mechanics and advantages of seller financing and earnouts as powerful tools for facilitating business transitions. We delve into real-world scenarios, expert opinions, and strategic advice, guid ... 

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