Hey Man; It's Ok Episode 214 - Stoicism with Johnny Nava and the "Don't Panic, we're all going to die" Podcast

Hey Man; It's Ok by Skyler Bridges

Episode notes

In this episode of Hey Man; It's Ok, we delve into the timeless wisdom of stoicism with our special guest, Johnny Nava, from the thought-provoking "Don't Panic, We're All Going to Die" podcast. Join us as we explore what it truly means to live with intention in a world seemingly indifferent to our existence.

Johnny shares insights from his podcast, where he regularly tackles profound questions about life's purpose and navigating existential challenges. Drawing from stoic philosophy, we discuss practical strategies for confronting anxiety, depression, and existential dread, especially within the context of men's mental health.

Through engaging conversations and personal anecdotes, we uncover the stoic principles that empower individuals to find resilience amidst adversity and cultivate a sense of meaning in their lives. From embracing  ... 

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