Hey Man; It's Ok Episode 213 - Holistic Medication with Dr. H from the Sports Pharmacy Podcast

Hey Man; It's Ok by Skyler Bridges

Episode notes

Embark on a thought-provoking journey with Sky and Ryan, the down-to-earth hosts of Hey Man; It's Ok, as they delve into the realm of holistic medicine. In this episode, they engage in a meaningful conversation with Dr. H. from the Sports Pharmacy Podcast, exploring the fusion of traditional therapy and alternative approaches to mental well-being. Dr. H. brings a wealth of expertise, seamlessly blending the worlds of conventional and holistic medicine.

As our hosts navigate this enriching dialogue, they unravel practical insights that the everyday man can apply to enhance his mental health. This episode goes beyond the surface, offering a deeper understanding of how unconventional methods can complement and enrich conventional therapeutic practices. With a nod to Dr. H.'s expertise showcased on the Sports Pharmacy Podcast, the discussion st ... 

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