Hey Man; It's Ok Episode 215 - Mental Health Conversation with Johnny Flores

Hey Man; It's Ok by Skyler Bridges

Episode notes

In this episode of Hey Man; It's Ok, we delve into the realm of mental health with a special focus on the veteran experience, featuring guest Johnny Flores, founder of Flores Podcast Productions and a proud veteran. Join hosts Sky Bridges and Ryan Heapy as they sit down with Johnny to explore his personal journey towards seeking help and his insights into general mental wellness.

Johnny, a veteran who has bravely served his country, opens up about his own struggles with mental health, sharing the pivotal moments that led him to seek support and guidance. From grappling with societal stigmas to confronting internal barriers, Johnny offers a raw and honest perspective on the challenges many veterans face when it comes to addressing their mental well-being.

Throughout the conversation, Johnny shares valuable lessons learned along his jou ... 

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