Episode 2: Building Apps in Node.js and Electron.js and the Power of Doodling

Published: Jan 06 2021

In SELECT* episode 2, Margo chats with David Neal, known as the "ambassador of awesome and doodle-driven developer", about building apps in Node.js and Electron.js, as well as the power of illustrations! We covered the following topics:

  • David's background and journey in the tech world (hint: he's been a full time dev and database nerd since the beginning of the Internet!)

  • Building web apps or command-line apps with Node.js

  • Building desktop apps with Electron.js

  • Fun fact- drawing illustrations used for presentations and content

Listen now to gain some serious inspiration going into the new year, and learn about how David helps other developers be more awesome.

Meet David:

David Neal is a family man, musician, illustrator, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North Georgia. He currently leads Developer Relations at ActiveCampaign, runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and JavaScript, and is made entirely of bacon.

Twitter: @reverentgeek

Website: reverentgeek.com