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by Margo McCabe

The Select* Podcast features guests across a wide range of backgrounds & topics, with the goal of being your resource for software engineering, leadership advice, edge computing, machine learning, inclusion, tech trends, data management, career paths, enterprise tech, & much, much more.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Scaling a Dev Team with a 4-Day Work Week

    Scaling a Dev Team with a 4-Day Work Week

    This episode features Graham Haythornthwaite, VP Of Engineering at Wonde. Questions covered include:Tell us a bit about you, background, journey in tech, what do you work on in your current role?What do you like about leading an engineering team?What prompted your organization to shift to the 4 day work week and what has been the turnout? Pros and cons?Your dev team has recently doubled in size, how do you ensure success when scaling a dev team? Anything to avoid?Graham is VP of Engineering at Wonde where he has helped double the size of the engineering team and successfully transition their practices to embrace a 4 day week. Prior to joining Wonde he created successful software product teams across multiple industries including Unified Communications for Finance and Emergency Services, Energy, Internal IT and EdTech.

  • SDK Development: Everything You Need to Know w/ Ghanshyam

    SDK Development: Everything You Need to Know w/ Ghanshyam

    This episode features Ghanshyam Bhatt, Software Engineering Manager at PayPal, for a discussion on SDK development. Questions covered include:Tell us a bit about you, background, journey in techWhat is SDK development; what companies are building SDKs and who are the customers?How is SDK development different from App development?What are some good resources to follow if you're doing SDK development?What other tools / technologies are you excited about at the moment related to mobile app development, Android, and/or iOS? How is UI code changing?Ghanshyam leads the Native Checkout SDK team at PayPal. With over a decade of experience building mobile apps, he has recently been involved in developing mobile SDKs. He is responsible for strategizing and delivering the SDKs by leveraging my mobile experience to compete with various products in the market. He started his career as an Android engineer and evolved his iOS programming skills to advocate for mobile-first experiences to delight users.

  • Building Event Driven Architectures w/ Sai

    Building Event Driven Architectures w/ Sai

    This episode features Sai Pragna Etikyala, Technical Lead at Twilio, for a discussion on event driven architectures and modern asynchronous applications. Questions covered include:Tell us a bit about you, background, journey in techWhat do you work on in your role at Twilio?What do you like about being tech lead?Let's talk about how to build easier/better event driven architectures. Why is this important?What workflow orchestration tools can help?Are you involved in the tech community outside of work? Anywhere folks can connect with you?Sai Pragna Etikyala is a Technical Lead at Twilio, currently leading the team responsible for A2P 10DLC compliance for messaging. Utilizing her extensive experience with asynchronous systems, she has efficiently re-architected Twilio's complex compliance systems, leading to notable improvements in manageability and operational efficiency. Before joining Twilio, she worked at Amazon Web Services, Yahoo, and Cerner. Throughout her tenure at these companies, she developed robust end-to-end solutions and successfully managed complex operations. This has enriched her expertise not only in asynchronous computing but also in software development, cloud computing, and healthcare IT solutions. She holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University. Her innovative and agile approach to software engineering and leadership distinguishes her as a significant contributor to the telecommunications realm and beyond.

  • Imposter Syndrome, Building Community & More w/ Ceora

    Imposter Syndrome, Building Community & More w/ Ceora

    In this episode, we chat with Ceora, Developer Advocate at Okta and StackOverflow Podcast Co-Host.Ceora shares a bit about her journey in tech and how she got to where she is today, which includes building community, learning to code, getting into speaking, and following her passions. Ceora also touches on imposter syndrome, and how she has learned to make the most out of being new to something in tech. This was an awesome conversation!Ceora is a developer advocate based in Philadelphia. Her career thus far has centered around creating educational content focused on making the tech industry more accessible to everyone. She currently works on the Okta Developer Relations team and is a cohost on the Stack Overflow Podcast. Outside of tech, she spends way too much time watching anime, listening to K-pop, and attempting to play the guitar.

  • What's the Creator of Homebrew up to Now? w/ Max Howell

    What's the Creator of Homebrew up to Now? w/ Max Howell

    This episode features an interview with Max Howell, creator of the open-source software package management system Homebrew, and CEO of Questions covered include: Share a bit about who you are, background and journey in techHow was Homebrew created and how far has it come?How are OSS developers exploited by the tech giants / pros and cons of open source?What is Tea, why did you build it / what problem are you aiming to solve?Max Howell made a life of creating some of the most used and beloved open source software in the world. Formally trained in chemistry, he quickly left the lab to chase his lifelong passion of development, and fit into the open-source ecosystem with his spirit of altruism and creativity.Max Howell created the open-source software package management system Homebrew, known as “brew,” which grew into the most contributed-to open source software program in the world. Homebrew has been used by tens of millions of developers worldwide and has served as the backbone for the largest technology corporations to build their products without directly contributing to - or paying for - its development. Besides Homebrew, Max has created many other open-source projects like PromiseKit, which is used by over 100k mobile applications. He is revered by developers around the world.Max’s current project is tea. is a feature-rich, delightful, and decentralized package manager that will revolutionize open source development by providing creators and maintainers value for previously unpaid labor.