Episode 3: Tips for Code Newbies Across the Globe

Published: Feb 17 2021

A panel-style discussion with two different perspectives: a self-proclaimed code newbie and a coding instructor! Mina is an aspiring Web Developer, self-learning CSS and Javascript. Shruti, Senior Engineer at Paypal, is on a mission to make JavaScript and GraphQL development easier. From Javascript, front end, and 100 days of code, to community, skills for the job hunt, and staying motivated - you won't want to miss this discussion. In this episode we covered:

  • Share a bit about your journey, how did you get into tech/development?

  • When getting started, how did you determine what type of developer you wanted to be, which languages or tech stack to start with?

  • What are your main tips, dos, and don'ts, for code newbies? What's important to remember throughout the journey?

  • What about jobs - is it important to know right away when you start coding what you want to do with your career? How can you differentiate yourself in such a competitive market?


Shruti is a Senior Software Engineer on the Checkout team at PayPal and is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge in JavaScript, React, GraphQL, and front-end technologies. She shares byte-sized javascript tidbits through her newsletter - JSByte: http://tinyletter.com/shrutikapoor. She is also an ardent #DevJoke fan.


Mina, from Sydney, Australia, is an aspiring Web Designer & Developer. She is self-learning CSS and Javascript and has a Youtube channel focused on web design and development, social media, and self-study tips for beginners.