Episode 1: HarperDB Founder Story, Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Published: Dec 16 2020

For our 1st episode, our host, Margo McCabe interviews two HarperDB Co-founders, Kyle Bernhardy (CTO) and Zach Fowler (CPO) on their founder story and journey to becoming startup innovators, along with looking at how far HarperDB has come and where we are headed. They also discuss other technologies they are excited about in the new year, as well as Kyle's rockin' plaid suite with matching shoes!

Questions in this Episode:

  1. Tell us a bit about your background, how you met / how the Harper team came together.

  2. What is it like going from a technical / dev background to management / founder?

  3. Talk a little bit about how far HarperDB has come…. What’s your favorite thing about HarperDB, what problems are you solving?

  4. Focus on future - where is HarperDB headed, main goals for 2021?

  5. Favorite programming languages? Other tools / technologies you're excited about?

The new SELECT* podcast will cover a variety of topics including coding tips, best practices, diversity & inclusion, product reviews, tech trends, jobs, and much more! Email us at podcast@harperdb.io for any topic ideas, guest nominations, or feedback! (edited)