Breathe In- A Guided Meditation Podcast

by Jessika Jaime

Welcome to Breathe In! This podcast was created by Jessika and is dedicated to bringing you weekly short and beginner friendly meditations. In this podcast you can expect breath awareness, manifestation, guided meditations and more. Leave your meditation practice feeling calm, balanced and focused. 

Podcast episodes

  • Stress Relief Meditation

    Stress Relief Meditation

    Feeling stressed out? Let calmness wash over you as you dive deep into this meditation that consists of breath awareness and progressive muscle relaxation. Click the link below for more info on progressive muscle relaxation.https...

  • Energizing Meditation

    Energizing Meditation

    Whether it is morning or at some point during your day, we can all use a little pick me up. In this episode Jessika will take you through an energizing meditation using imagery and a mantra.

  • Positive Affirmation Meditation

    Positive Affirmation Meditation

    In the meditation, Jessika will encourage you to repeat affirming words or phrases that can help manage negative thinking or emotions and build confidence in your self.

  • Body Scan Meditation + Self Massage

    Body Scan Meditation + Self Massage

    Do you feel like there is tension build up in your body? Than here is a meditation for you. Scan you body from head to toe, pausing regularly to give yourself a little TLC to alleviate tension.

  • Meditation for Balance

    Meditation for Balance

    Feeling a little off balance? Try this mediation and come back to your centre physically, and mentally. In this mediation we go through a body scan and practice alternate nostril breathing. This form of breath work is beneficia...