S01 E04 - Build Your Brand, Create Your Legacy with Raquel Serebrenik

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh
On this episode of the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE podcast, Raquel Serebrenik, co-founder of 4 Art Partners, and TJ talk about the importance of niching down as an artist, building your brand, and cultivating a legacy that will outlast you. Learn how through brand building and a long term vision you can create a unique ecosystem and communi  ...  See more
Apr 25 2023

I'm TJ Walsh and you're listening to the Bold Creatives Collective podcast.
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I'm so excited for this conversation. We have with us Raquelse Rebranik from Four Art Partners, and their story Four Art Partners started with the idea to support artists and creatives and their legacies.
That's something that is really important and dear to my heart too. How can we as creative leaders really instill on the world our mark and our impact so that it lasts longer than we are and longer than even the work that we put out into the world.
And I'm

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