S01 E05 - Using Play to Grow Your Artistic Practice featuring Vickie Leuenberger

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh
On this episode of the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE podcast, Vickie Leuenberger, a creative connector and coach, and TJ discuss how creative leaders and artists like you are cultivators of environments that allow people to thrive.We explore the role of "play" in creative leadership and artistic practice and we learn about Vickie's three main  ...  See more
May 02 2023

I'm TJ Walsh and you're listening to the Bold Creatives Collective podcast.
Take a front row seat to hear conversations with successful musicians, producers, actors,
visual artists, designers, directors, marketers, and more, and learn about their perspectives
and approach to leadership, creativity, innovation, and growth. Let's dive in.
Welcome Vicki. I'm so excited to have you here. I'm so excited to talk today about using play
and the importance of playing creativity and also talking more with you about how you incorporate
that into your life and your work with people. But for everybody who is just meeting you,
can you give us an idea of who you are and what you're about?
Yes, 100%. Thank you for having me, TJ. So I am a digital nomad. I currently live on a beautiful
30 feet bright yello

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