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The BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE is building a community to address issues, challenges, and benefits of creative leadership.

Listen in and join the collective as we discuss topics and share strategies that will help us all become better creative leaders and pursue our creative passions.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Creativity & Anxiety: Finding Harmony in the Creative Chaos featuring Dr. Bobbi Ballard

    Creativity & Anxiety: Finding Harmony in the Creative Chaos featuring Dr. Bobbi Ballard

    In this episode, we delve into a topic that's near and dear to many of us in the creative world – anxiety. As creatives, we often find ourselves walking a fine line between passion and anxiety, and Dr. Bobbi Ballard and I explore this delicate balance. We touch upon the heightened sensitivity and intuition that creative individuals possess, likening it to having antennas finely tuned to the world's energy and stimuli.Our conversation explores the dilemma faced by artists and multi-passionate creatives. On one hand, the anxiety that stems from not creating is all too real, but on the other hand, the vulnerability of sharing our creations can be equally daunting. We discuss how being part of a supportive community of like-minded creatives can provide comfort and encouragement, allowing us to step into vulnerability before taking the leap into the public eye.But that's not all – we also dig into a crucial distinction between the normal nervousness that often accompanies creative work and clinical anxiety. Bobbi shares her insights on how to differentiate between the two and offers guidance on seeking help when anxiety begins to impede daily life.Join us as we navigate the fine line between creativity and anxiety, sharing stories, insights, and strategies to help you thrive as a creative individual.Dr. Bobbi Ballard (she/her) is a psychologist and an artist. At various times, she's been a drummer in post-punk bands, cellist, floral designer, painter, knitter, and jewelry maker. Bobbi is currently neck-deep in digital art and repeating designs in Adobe Illustrator. Her doctoral dissertation research studied musical performance anxiety in rock musicians. It was inspired by her own musical performance anxiety, as well as talking to other bands about their experiences with anxiety. Being creative is a part of what keeps Dr. Ballard healthy and thriving. Bobbi's favorite part of her work as a psychologist is connecting with people and helping them suffer less and experience increased creativity, joy and ease.Get Bobbi's FREE download: "Anxious Artist's 1-Minute Mindset Shift" to learn a 3-step process to get unstuck from anxiety that can be implemented in 1 minute.Bobbi's IGTJ's Coaching IGTJ's Art IG & Producer: TJ WalshEngineer: Daisy James

  • From Backyard to Main Stage: Finding Balance in the Creative Grind featuring Sam Gutman

    From Backyard to Main Stage: Finding Balance in the Creative Grind featuring Sam Gutman

    On this episode, get ready to dive into a candid conversation about the creative journey, trusting the process, and finding your way in the world as a professional musician and creative.Sam opens up about the challenge of trusting that you are where you're supposed to be, and he and TJ discuss the burnout that many artists face when they rush into their careers without taking time to recharge.Sam's story is a testament to the ups and downs of creative life. Just a few years ago, he contemplated leaving the world of music post-COVID, considering a shift towards tech. He shares his journey of self-discovery and how he came to realize the importance of balance and resilience in the pursuit of his passion.Later in the episode, you’ll hear Sam's remarkable experience of co-founding a music festival – a topic that's sure to pique the interest of all you festival lovers out there! Sam shares his journey from humble beginnings, where Beard Fest took root in guitarist Zach's backyard in 2012, to its growth into a full-fledged production. Sam's journey from his grassroots beginnings to becoming a staple in the jam band festival world is truly inspiring. It's a testament to the power of vision, passion, and a dedicated group of friends coming together to create something special.TJ delves into Sam's experiences, highlighting the relatable struggle many artists face when they question their creative path and seek alternative routes. Together, Sam and TJ explore the idea that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and that the key to a fulfilling creative life often lies in finding balance and embracing a varied, multidimensional existence.As we embark on this new season of the BCC Podcast, Sam’s insights and journey will inspire you to trust your own creative process, whether you're an artist, musician, writer, or simply someone passionate about the arts. Join us as we kickstart Season 4 with a dose of inspiration and thought-provoking conversation.Sam Gutman (he/him), is a musician and teacher based out of the Philly area. As a performer, Sam is currently touring and recording with Ms. Lauryn Hill, as well as his band Out of the Beardspace. In addition to performing, Sam is the co-founder and co-director of the New Jersey festival Beardfest, teaches at Camden County College, and runs two music education Youtube channels.Sam's IGTJ's Coaching IGTJ's Art IG & Producer: TJ WalshEngineer: Daisy James

  • Season 3

  • Mirror, Mirror: The Power of Self-Connection & Your Network featuring Leslie Jespersen

    Mirror, Mirror: The Power of Self-Connection & Your Network featuring Leslie Jespersen

    On this episode of the BCC Podcast, you'll get to hear TJ's conversation with Leslie Jespersen! This convo will ignite your creativity and inspire personal growth. Leslie shares with us her journey of self-discovery, reinvention, and the power of finding your unique brand.As a creative entrepreneur, Leslie emphasizes the significance of building a supportive network. We'll hear about her monthly mastermind sessions, where creatives gather to uplift and motivate one another. In a world that often belittles our accomplishments, Leslie reminds us that what may seem trivial to us could be utterly transformative for someone else.The episode takes a heartfelt turn as Leslie opens up about her personal struggles and the turning points that led her to profound self-discovery. She recounts her journey from hitting rock bottom and battling personal demons to reclaiming her life's purpose. The pandemic served as a unique catalyst for her growth, granting her the time to reflect, heal, and emerge stronger than ever.If you've ever felt lost or overwhelmed by life's challenges, Leslie's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Join us tomorrow as we delve into the depths of transformation, artistic inspiration, and the power of embracing your true self. As Leslie wisely advises, sometimes you need to let yourself crumble to rebuild a stronger foundation.Leslie Jespersen (she/her), dubbed "The Claircognizant Confidence Queen™", helps aspiring women entrepreneurs plug into their bodies, step into the spotlight, and turn their skills into monetized brands. Through a blend of my claircognizant intuition + business strategy, her Signature Mirror Method ™, masterclasses, reiki, yoga, and in-person experiences, Leslie's clients are able to confidently embark on their path to career freedom and fulfillment. Over the years, she rebuilt myself from a burnt-out single mom social media manager to a globally-recognized coach and speaker. Leslie has a passion for bringing her coaching to in-person experiences. She's the founder of The Leveled Up Brunch Forum Series, The Hot Girl Summer Self Love Party, The Un-Retreat, and have produced events for other women entrepreneurs.Click here to get Leslie's FREE guided meditation download to remove self-judgement and welcome in compassion >>Click here and get my 9 KEYS TO BUILDING A RESILIENT ARTIST MINDSET & SUSTAINABLE STUDIO PRACTICE!Leslie's WebsiteLeslie's InstagramTJ's Coaching IGTJ's Art IG & Producer: TJ WalshEngineer: Daisy James

  • Embracing Life's Riptides: A Candid Conversation About Possibility, Artistry, & Gratitude featuring Michele Kishita

    Embracing Life's Riptides: A Candid Conversation About Possibility, Artistry, & Gratitude featuring Michele Kishita

    On this thought-provoking episode, we dive deep into the waters of life's unpredictable currents, exploring the intersections of possibility, artistry, and gratitude. Join TJ for a candid conversation that unveils the insights shared by our guest, Michele Kishita, a trailblazer in the realms of creativity and entrepreneurship.🎨 Navigating Riptides with Open Hearts: Life's challenges often mirror the forceful pull of a riptide, compelling us to surrender and flow with its currents. Michele sheds light on the significance of embracing these moments, daring to say "yes" to possibility even when doubt looms. Discover how choosing openness over resistance can lead to unexpected and transformative journeys.💼 The Entrepreneurial Canvas: Just as an artist paints on a canvas, entrepreneurs wield their vision to craft the future. Michele's reflections on entrepreneurship remind us that venturing into the unknown requires resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace new paths. Her insights illuminate how the riptides of entrepreneurship can lead to growth, innovation, and even greater creative fulfillment.🙏 The Tapestry of Gratitude: As we ride life's riptides, it's crucial to cultivate gratitude for the moments that shape us. Michele's wisdom encourages us to extend kindness and generosity, nurturing the connections that enrich our lives. Through shared experiences and authentic interactions, we discover the threads that weave together the tapestry of gratitude.Join us as we navigate the waves of possibility, guided by Michele's insights into artistic practice, entrepreneurship, and the significance of saying "yes" to life's challenges. Tune in to uncover the magic that emerges from embracing life's riptides with an open heart and a spirit of gratitude.Michele Kishita (she/her) is a Philadelphia-based artist who uses landscape as her primary subject. Her paintings are strongly influenced by the graphic stylizations and compressed spaces of Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Kishita’s paintings are in a number of private/corporate collections, including Toyota, Capital One, and Kaiser Permanente, and her work is featured in Create Magazine, on the Poetry Foundation blog, and the Studio Break and Thyme in the Studio podcasts, as well as in several literary journals. She has participated in artist residencies in New Mexico, Russia, and Iceland and exhibited at the Sharjah Art Museum in the United Arab Emirates and the Museum of Non-Conformist Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. Kishita received both her BFA and MFA in painting from the University of the Arts and is represented by James Oliver Gallery, Susanna Gold, and Carrie Coleman Fine Art.Click here and get my 9 KEYS TO BUILDING A RESILIENT ARTIST MINDSET & SUSTAINABLE STUDIO PRACTICE!Michele's IGMichele's WebsiteTJ's Coaching IGTJ's Art IG & Producer: TJ WalshEngineer: Daisy James

  • Creating Spaces for Societal Change in the Emotional Age featuring Hannah Rechtschaffen

    Creating Spaces for Societal Change in the Emotional Age featuring Hannah Rechtschaffen

    This conversation was originally featured at the GROW Creative Leadership Summit hosted by TJ and GROW Your Creative Life in the Fall of 2022. The GROW Creative Leadership Summit helps artists and creative leaders like you EMBRACE your unique authenticity as a Creative Leader, SHARPEN your insight about what makes your a one-of-a-kind artist, and CHALLENGES what it means to lead with your Creative Superpowers so you can help other humans live better lives. I'm offering access to the GROW Creative Leadership Summit replays for just $37 to listeners of the BCC Podcast.CLICK THIS LINK TO GET ACCESS NOW! >>On this episode of the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast, TJ and Hannah discuss the natural components of being an artist and how those are crucial for showing up as our whole selves in the spaces we inhabit- our work, home, social media, gatherings with friends and family, and more.Post-Covid, the veil between our personal and professional selves is down, and art and artists help guide us in how we show up in a fully actualized way. It's important to encourage connectivity in all ways, in all things and sectors. When we are connected, the world begins to change more helpfully and organically, and human beings get to turn their attention to the next phase of imagination. Let's discover what we can truly accomplish.Hannah Rechtschaffen (she/her) is a personable, high-energy creative focused on strategic planning, creative economy development, and cross-sector communication. Since discovering the concept of Creative Placemaking in 2014, her work has pivoted fully to focus on how the arts, culture, and history of a place can be leveraged to make it more inclusive and economically sustainable.Hannah's work is rooted in the complexity of the human experience, which she meets with authenticity and a willingness to delve into the most challenges scenarios and questions with curiosity, empathy, and a true yearning to understand. Hannah works with local and state-level stakeholders, business owners, entrepreneurs, solar development, artists, and community members.Hannah holds a BA in Theatre and History from Oberlin College, and a Master's in Arts Administration from Drexel University. Her background in arts and business brought her to Creative Placemaking, which continues to be her passion - especially as the field progresses and becomes ever more relevant.Producer note: at the time this conversation was recorded during the GROW Creative Leadership Summit, Hannah was employed as noted at WD Cowls. At the time of publishing this episode, Hannah is no longer employed with the company.Hannah's IGThe Mill District NAThe Mill District NA's IGTJ's CoachingIGTJ's Art IG & Producer: TJ WalshEngineer: Daisy James