Winging It: Balancing Art, Life, & Career featuring Mark Hoffmann

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh

Episode notes

On this episode of the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mark Hoffmann, a wildly creative and talented illustrator and educator, to share his invaluable insights into navigating the intricacies of life and artistry.

Join us as Mark candidly discusses the journey from the structured world of contractual obligations to the liberating realm of creative exploration. With refreshing honesty, he reflects on the challenges of transitioning from a hectic schedule dictated by deadlines to the freedom of embracing artistic experimentation without constraints.

From the initial culture shock of stepping back from the relentless pace of deadlines to the internal dialogue that accompanies newfound creative freedom, Mark offers a wealth of wisdom gleaned from his own experiences. As b ... 

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