S01 E03 - Community is Essential with Scarlet Hernandez

The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast by TJ Walsh
On this episode of the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast, TJ talks with Scarlet Hernandez—a powerhouse in the music industry in Philly and beyond. TJ and Scarlet have an amazing discussion about the power of community and collaboration in the arts.Scarlet Estelle Hernandez (she/her) is the proud director of member success at REC Philly, a  ...  See more
Apr 18 2023

I'm TJ Walsh and you're listening to the Bold Creatives Collective podcast.
Take a front row seat to hear conversations with successful musicians, producers,
actors, visual artists, designers, directors, marketers, and more, and learn about their
perspectives and approach to leadership, creativity, innovation, and growth. Let's dive in.
Hey everybody, I'm so excited to be here with Scarlett Hernandez, Powerhouse,
Awesome Energy. We are going to have an awesome conversation today about how we can build community
as artists and creatives and like the importance that community actually has. We're not in silos,
we got to build community, we got to be in community, and I'm so excited to talk to the master
at building community in the arts and culture scene. Scarlett, I'm so glad to have you her

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