Behind The LighthouseExplicit

by Steve Nossiter

Short Stories from Byron Bay and Beyond. The Northern Rivers, Australia, is a richly creative place. This podcast takes one small element of this, Short Stories, and brings these to the world. They range in length, genre, and energy, from very short, five-minute sparks of life to some that are around 45min. The subjects of the stories are also highly diverse, from sweet little stories about birds to psychological thrillers. A ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 014 The White Spirit

    014 The White Spirit

    How is it that, in this podcast, we so often dabble in the paranormal and supernatural? In this story, my good friend and most esteemed Henri Rennie takes us once again into the interesting and intriguing world of Renoir; the writer, not the painter. Another great Northern Rivers talent. This is an early story from the dubious MAGIC series. Set during the early events of book 1, “The Wizard of Warramanga”, in which the character, Wilco gets a little foretaste of the weirdness he’ll come to know around the character John B Stewart

  • 013 Nine Concubines

    013 Nine Concubines

    A student of so many different disciplines that he wryly describes himself as “probably over-qualified for jobs that haven’t been invented yet”, Karl Johnston is a writer fascinated by how things work. That fascination extends to people and relationships. This story has some of the style and overtones of the Arabian Nights and Arthurian legend, and more than a touch of whimsy, as it delves into the mind of a powerful but lonely man.

  • 012 Lani, Sky of the Sea

    012 Lani, Sky of the Sea

    Ogres have layers, Onions have layers, and yes, Parfet, has layers too. But how often have you considered the distinct layers of Earth itself? And to visit these layers and experience them firsthand, is something only a select few will ever do. But sometimes a story will take you places you've never been before, and may never be able to go in the flesh. This one takes you on a journey through the uppermost reaches of our atmosphere then plunges into the depths of the sea, only to follow the humble journey of a tiny bubble through the stratifications of the ocean and up to the surface.

  • 011 Stupid Little Bird

    011 Stupid Little Bird

    There are days that we just don't want to do what's in front of us. Where it just doesn't seem to make sense. It's days like these where an extra word or two of encouragement can make the world of difference and help us move in the direction we need to go. In today's short story, we're invited to witness an interesting meeting between a young boy and an old woman, where the boy needs just a little bit of encouragement to follow through with a very important choice. A choice that has far longer-reaching consequences than may initially meet the eye.

  • 010 Proud

    010 Proud

    After a working life of having more jobs than some people have hot meals, Renoir retired to the simple delights of being a writer. His head is full of stories, many of them fiction. Sometimes, though, he writes about himself, which may be stranger than fiction. When he does, it's because it's something that really matters to him. Proud is just such a story.