2FruitBearers Podcast

by Michelle Olson

Introducing 2FruitBearers Podcast with valuable content. Focus discussions are on the everyday Christian believer while seeking to engage those willing to believe in the only salvation plan that exists through Jesus Christ. We touch on specials and sales in our shop and lead into the main topic for the day. Primary Host is Michelle Olson along with her husband Mike Olson and from time to time family members. Stay tune for g ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Death's Doorway - Mike Olson's Amazing Testimony

    Death's Doorway - Mike Olson's Amazing Testimony

    Hear Mike's testimony... from death's doorway to knees at the altar. Mike prayed & God answered.

  • Let's Talk Acts

    Let's Talk Acts

    The Book of Acts is one of the most powerful books of the Bible. While we know the whole Bible is the complete Word of God - the Book of Acts shows us how to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. While some believe this is a history book, listen to Michelle as she provides her viewpoint on this wonderful book.

  • 2FruitBearers Introductory

    2FruitBearers Introductory

    Introducing 2FruitBearers and what we are about. Owned by Mike & Michelle Olson, Christian ministry based and shop. We would love to hear from listeners and if you need prayer, please let us know at prayers@2fruitbearers.com. Thanks for listening!