E01 - 2FruitBearers Introductory

2FruitBearers Podcast by Michelle Olson

Introducing 2FruitBearers and what we are about. Owned by Mike & Michelle Olson, Christian ministry based and shop. We would love to hear from listeners and if you need prayer, please let us know at prayers@2fruitbearers.com. Thanks for listening!

Jun 18 2022

Speaker 1 (00:13):
Hi everyone. This is Michelle with 2FruitBearers. You can find us on 2FruitBearers.com. That's a number two, not T-W-O. My husband, Mike Olson, and I run, and own two fruit bears. It's a Christian ministry slash shop. So you can also shop on 2FruitBearers. And today I would like to highlight,, some of our products and, that would be the Kerusso products they are, ministry based. And they're great t-shirts and some Tumblers and just different ministry items. And, you can buy them on our site and wear them in public. And it's a great way to engage others in, your Christian walk. So go check us out for this weekend. We have 20% off, automatically at the checkout for father's day. So happy father's day to all you dads out there. This is our first podcast and our first episod

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