E03 - Death's Doorway - Mike Olson's Amazing Testimony

2FruitBearers Podcast by Michelle Olson

Hear Mike's testimony... from death's doorway to knees at the altar. Mike prayed & God answered.

Jul 13 2022

Michelle O. (00:22):
Hi, this is Michelle with two fruit bearers, and I have my husband, Mike Olson with us. And he has a great testimony. He sitting here smiling at me, I'm sorry, but he has such a wonderful testimony and he needs to share it with everyone. So, I mean, we all need to share our testimonies, but you really got to hear Mike's because it's pretty powerful. And before he was a Christian or lived very seriously for the Lord, he just lived like everybody else out in the world and didn't believe in what he believes in today. And you know, just, just lived life. So something major happened that led him to where he is and it's, it's amazing. So, so Mike, how old are you first of all?

Mike O. (01:05):
Well, first of all, I'd like to say hello. Hello out there. Whoever's listening.

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