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por With Felicia Rose and ALove

A weekly, queer podcast thoroughly examining the intricacies of sex in all spaces and places. We navigate topics with nonchalance and without judgment. Our goal is to educate and open minds (while having a laugh along the way). New themes discussed monthly. Hosted by Felicia Rose and Alove from New York City.  

Episodios del podcast

  • E122 - HIV: Trusty Rambone

    E122 - HIV: Trusty RamboneExplícito

    The Screw returns with a new series discussing the practical realities of HIV. It’s a disease with a complicated history of obfuscation and misinformation, so Felicia Rose and ALove want to investigate how people with HIV live the...

  • E121 - Masculinities: "My Nature Is Innate"

    E121 - Masculinities: "My Nature Is Innate"Explícito

    The Screw is back from its accidental Christmas vacation! This final chapter in the Screw’s investigation into masculinities, Felicia Rose and ALove talk to poet Blake Morrisson, Lynwood Mcleod a.k.a. Shirley U. Jest, and Kamryn J...

  • E120 - Masculinities: A Deep Dive into US

    E120 - Masculinities: A Deep Dive into USExplícito

    This week, Felicia Rose and ALove dig deep into how masculinity has intersected with their sex lives. They discuss how social pressures to perform masculinity affect everybody from sissy tops, to the larger of two sapphic women, t...

  • E119 - Masculinities: The Moistening

    E119 - Masculinities: The MoisteningExplícito

    In our second pass on masculinities, Felicia Rose and ALove discuss a couple sources that think masculinity is a construct but don't seem to know how. Between the authors' attempts to describe masculinity, your hosts discuss the l...

  • E118 - Masculinities: Pure, Innocent and Horny

    E118 - Masculinities: Pure, Innocent and HornyExplícito

    This week, the Screw begins with a tribute to those killed at Club Q last weekend. It’s difficult but important. If you want to help the parts of the community impacted by this attack, check out Colorado Public Radio’s list of pot...