E19 - Building Community with Patreon's Tom McNeill

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In this episode, we have Tom McNeill on the show. He is the Senior Partner Manager at Patreon, a membership platform that makes it easy for artists such as podcasters to get paid by their audience. Tune in to learn his tips for growing your audience and the benefits of starting a Patreon membership to earn financial support for your creat  ...  Ver más
Nov 16 2022

Introduction 00:02
You are listening to podcasting 101 RSS.com getting you ready to launch and grow your podcast.

Ashley 00:14
Hey everyone, Ashley here with rss.com. In today's episode, we're chatting with Tom McNeill, who's Senior Partner Manager at Patreon. We'll be chatting all about how to build community with Patreon. Enjoy the show. Alrighty, welcome to the show, everyone. I'm so excited to have Tom McNeal, here with Patreon. Tom, can you do just a favor? Introduce yourself and tell us what it is? You do?

Tom McNeill 00:34
Absolutely. Hi everybody, my name is Tom McNeill, I work at Patreon, where I am one of the senior partner managers on the creature success team. And what that means that I work with some of the biggest creators because called crafters on the platform. And

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