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RSS feeds aren’t difficult to create, but those codes can get a bit tricky when compatibility comes into play. So many sites and apps are attempting to read your feed, but some are pickier than others and will struggle to find them readable. 

This leaves your RSS feed out in the dust, skipped by certain sites — and untouched by some RSS feed readers. When your feed isn’t showing up in searches, it can hurt all the goals you’re working toward.

The problem is if errors creep in, you may not even know it. And if you do happen to know where an error is, you may not know how to fix it.

That’s why RSS feed validators are so helpful. They test your RSS feed, check it for errors, and highlight those errors if they find any.

This helps you troubleshoot and fix errors so that your feed can get back to doing what it does best — bringing your amazing content to your engaged and waiting audience.

Are you looking for information on how to create a RSS feed for your podcast? If so, check out this post on our blog. How to Create an RSS Feed for a Podcast

Free RSS Feed Validators

Use this list of free RSS validators to keep your feed code clean, and your RSS feed available to your audience.

Livewire Podcast Validator: The Livewire Podcast Validator supports Podcasting 2.0 Tags. To use the validator, simply copy and paste your podcast’s RSS feed or Apple Podcasts URL and select the “validate” button.

RSS Validator: Enter the URL of an RSS feed for quick validation.

Podbase: For podcast feeds. Podbase will check your URL, make sure your XML is well formed, and whether it is iTunes-compatible. It will also check for things like your cover art being in iTunes compliance, correct category, correct summary, and more.

Cast Feed Validator: For podcast feeds. This validates your feed, checks the main image, as well as media files, while letting you visualize your podcast RSS feed.

Feed Validator: Feed Validator is for Atom, RSS, and KML feeds that gives you highlighted errors with messages and information for each issue it discovers.

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