How to Start a Second Podcast


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So you’re already a podcaster and want to start another show – that’s great!

Maybe there’s another topic or niche you’d like to cover, maybe you’re looking to support a new business, maybe you want another show to try out new ideas and experiment with different formats. 

In this post you’ll learn how to easily start another podcast from the same hosting account.

How to Host Multiple Podcasts with

Now that you’re ready to start a second podcast, the good news is that hosting and switching between multiple shows underneath the same account is a breeze with

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✨ Already hosting with another platform? We make transferring your show to easy, plus you get six free months! Transfer your podcast to here.

Step 1. Log into your account and navigate to your dashboard. In the top navigation, click the dropdown menu, then click “New podcast.”

upload a second podcast on the same hosting account

Step 2. A pop up box will appear – select the “Create a new podcast” button. 

Step 3. Next, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to your account to our Podcast Networks plan. If you’ve already signed up under our “All-in-One Podcasting” plan, your fee will increase to just $14.99/month with annual billing or $19.99/month with month-to-month billing.

Step 4. Once you’ve upgraded to our Podcast Networks plan, you’ll be able to add a new show in your existing account.

Once you’ve set up a second, third or even fourth show, you can easily switch between your different podcasts right from your dashboard!

switch between your podcasts
Congrats, you did it! Easy right?

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