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How to Move Your Podcast from Libsyn


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The Best Alternative to Libsyn for Podcast Hosting

Are you looking for a Libsyn alternative?

With so many podcast hosting platforms available, it’s essential to find the service that best suits your budget, audience, and goals.

Here are just a few reasons podcasters choose RSS.com over Libsyn’s free and paid plans:

  • They are looking for unlimited storage space
  • Don’t want limits on the length of their episodes
  • Want access to advanced analytics without paying a steep monthly fee

💰 RSS.com Offers More Bang for the Buck

Without carefully reviewing plans, Lisbyn and RSS.com might seem like similar podcast hosting services. However, once you take a closer look at what’s offered, there are a few crucial differences!

While both of our introductory plans have similar costs, Libsyn offers six different price tiers that cost up to $150 per month. That means some features, like advanced cross-platform analytics, are only available with the more expensive plans.

In contrast, RSS.com has a much more straightforward pricing system that features two different plans – Educational & Non-Profit  ($4.99 per month) and RSS Podcaster ($12.99 per month). We also offer a 35% discount on the RSS Podcaster plan for choosing annual instead of monthly billing.

RSS.com Offers Unlimited Storage – Libsyn Does Not

Another point we differ on is storage. If you plan on actively publishing episodes, this is a key point to pay attention to!

RSS.com features unlimited storage across all plans, while Lisbyn’s storage limits range from 50 MB to 3000 MB per month, depending on which price tier you choose.

RSS.com Offers a Free Trial – Libsyn Does Not

We are so confident you’ll love our platform, service, and features that we let you set up your show and publish your first episode for free.

Libsyn does not offer any kind of free trial.

RSS.com Podcasting

🎉 Switch to RSS.com Today & Get 6 Months Free!

We’re proud to offer the best podcast hosting for the absolute best price.

Transfer your show and episodes from Libsyn to RSS.com and see why a worldwide community of podcasters love our service.

Moving your podcast and episodes is easy and only requires a few simple steps:

1. We’ll send you an email to verify ownership of your account.

2. We’ll import data from your show and episodes.

3. You provide your final approval and confirmation.

4. That’s it! Your podcast will be available during the entire process.

You’ll keep all your subscribers, plus, you’ll get 6 full free months! 🙌🏽

switch to RSS.com button

rss.com podcasting reviews badge from Reviews.io
“Starting anything these days is nerve wrecking. So when I made up my mind to start a podcast for my PR company, I knew I had to do the research. When I found RSS.com, I was surprised at how easy it was to set up my podcast. We were up and running the same day!”
headshot of RSS.com Podcaster
Mika Stambaugh
TMI Mic’d Up Podcast

Check out the comparison table below to see why more and more podcasters are moving their podcast’s from Libsyn to RSS.com.

RSS.com Podcasting vs. Libsyn

Unlimited EpisodesYesNo. Storage limits are capped for each of the pricing tiers. For example, the $5/month plan is capped at 50 MB per month.
Unlimited DurationYesYou’ll face storage limits depending on the plan you choose.
Cross-Platform Analytics Yes! Learn more about our analytics here.Yes, but plan on paying extra if you choose the cheapest plan.
Podcast RSS FeedYesYes
Monetization Yes. Available through V4V and Apple Podcasts SubscriptionsYes, with their Double Opt-in Advertising, or through securing your own sponsors.
Free Podcasting WebsiteYes! You’ll get a beautiful dynamic website that’s automatically updated with your latest episodes.No
Embedded Player for Your WebsiteYesYes
Podcast Soundbites to Promote Your ShowYesNo
Chapters for EpisodesYesNo
Customer SpportOur dedicated support team will provide you with word-class customer service.Yes
StorageUnlimitedNo. Even their most expensive pricing tier only goes up to 3,000 MB per month.
Annual & Monthly PlansYes! Podcasters can save up to 35% off using our annual plans.No. Monthly billing only.
Free TrialYes! Get your first episode free with no credit card required.Yes

How to Move Your Podcast from Libsyn

Switching from Libsyn to RSS.com is easy, and only takes a few steps.

Best of all, you maintain full control of your RSS feed and keep all your subscribers when making the switch.

Once you’ve started the transfer of your show here, you can follow these three easy steps to activate a redirect from your Libsyn RSS feed to your RSS feed at RSS.com.

1. Log into your Libsyn account, click on “Settings” in the top navigation, and select “Edit Show Settings”

Libsyn show settings

2. In the “Edit Show Settings” menu, select “Redirects”

libsyn redirect podcast rss feed

3. In the “Redirects” section, paste your RSS.com Podcast RSS feed and your public Podcast URL and click “Save” 

redirect podcast feed from libsyn

Confirm your redirect and click “Yes”

confirm your podcast redirect from libsyn

🙌 Congrats, you’re done. Welcome to the RSS.com Podcasting family! 

Your Libsyn podcast RSS feed will now be redirected to your new RSS feed at RSS.com. 

If you experience any issue or have questions, please reach out to our support team who will be happy to help! 

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