How To Embed Your Podcast Into A Website

You’ve just published a new podcast episode. Well done!

Now, it’s time to promote. An awesome way to repurpose your episodes and reach new audiences, is to publish an episode transcription and embed your episode on your website. 

So how do you do that?

We’re so glad you asked!

How to Embed Your Podcast on a Website

Step 1. Open your Dashboard or go to one of your public episode pages.

the OSINT bunker podcast
Public episode page on Podcasting Dashboard Dashboard

Step 2. Select “Share” and then “Embed,” and you’ll be presented with an embed code that you’ll copy.

Step 3. Log into your CMS (WordPress, Squarespace, Blogger, etc.) and add a </> Code, or HMTL block on the post or page where you’d like your episode to appear. 

Now paste the embed code and save. Your podcast player should display if you’ve done everything correctly. 

Below is an example of an embedded episode from from a podcast hosted right here on

How to Embed Your Podcast on WordPress or Squarespace

Log into WordPress and open the post or page where you’d like to embed your episode.

If you are using Gutenberg, you’ll select the Custom HTML block and paste your embed code.

If you are using a page builder, simply select the correct block or widget e.g WP Bakery (Raw HTML) or Elementor (HTML), paste your embed code and then select save.

embed using elementor
HTML Widget in Elementor

To embed your podcast episode on Squarespace select the </> Code block and paste in your embed code.

Code block on Squarespace

As you can see, the process is very similar across content management systems. 

Always Double-Check!

The below example shows a podcaster who didn’t select the HTML option when pasting their embed code on their Blogger website. 

We can see that the podcast player doesn’t display and instead shows the raw code.

how to embed a podcast on

🎬 Are You a Visual Learner

Check out the video below for full step-by-step tutorial on how to embed your podcast into a website.

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