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When you’re invited into someone’s podcast world as a podcast guest, that’s no small thing. They’re communicating to you and their listeners that what you have to say is valuable; that your insights are worth everybody’s busy time. And when you’re a great podcast guest, you’re benefited in two ways:

  1. The podcast’s listeners will be more likely to follow YOU and place you as an expert in your industry.
  2. Other podcast hosts in your industry will be eager to welcome you to their show, expanding your expertise and audience.

Being a podcast guest is a great door into your own brand’s expansion, so don’t go into a recording without preparing. Here’s how to be a great podcast guest.

Be a Fan

You need to know the podcast host and audience before you jump on the show and start talking. You also need to like the podcast and relate to its listeners if you’re going to stay on theme and offer valuable content.

Plus, when you’re already a fan of the podcast, your enthusiasm will shine through to make you a more engaging person to listen to. And if you’re pitching yourself to podcast hosts, it will be immediately obvious if you know their podcast or not.

In your interview, reference back to other episodes if you can (and if it’s relevant). The host and their listeners will appreciate hearing new insight into an older conversation.

If you aren’t a longtime fan, make sure you listen to a few full episodes to familiarize yourself with the cadence, content, and configuration of the podcast.

Pay Attention to Consistent Segments and Structure

Some podcasts follow the same formula each time, like discussing three main tips. Make sure you’re aware of this structure so you can prepare your talking points accordingly. 

Similarly, some shows begin or wrap up with the same questions each time. Know about these segments so you can be ready with what to say.

Learn About the Fans

Do a little social stalking to understand the podcast’s audience. Start by reading podcast reviews to understand what fans like and don’t like. 

Look at the comments on the host’s social media profiles to get a feel for who follows the host. Read the host’s blog or website to understand their message.

Engage with the Host

You’ve been invited onto the show, so it’s obvious the host wants to hear what you have to say. But make sure to engage with the host. Relate what you do with what the host does.

So where can you find crossover between your work and theirs?

This is where being a fan really comes in handy. If you know and like the host and their podcast, it will be easier to have a back-and-forth conversation that keeps the audience interested.

💡 Bonus tip: Use the host’s name. It makes a difference!

Check your Equipment

Bad audio can destroy an otherwise wonderful podcast. If you’re calling in for your interview, use a quality microphone and get rid of all background noise. Do a practice run before your interview.

Don’t Ramble

Your host has to keep to a schedule. Tell good stories, and include necessary details, but don’t ramble. Keep your answers concise yet interesting.

Be prepared with relevant stories and talking points. Practice these stories in your mind or out loud before your interview.

Be Prepared to Promote Yourself

Most hosts will give you a chance at the end of the podcast to promote yourself. Be prepared for this by knowing what you’ll say. Briefly tell the audience what you do or what you’re working on and how it benefits them. Give them one URL to find you.

Bonus tip: Create a landing page specifically for listeners of the show and give them a special offer.

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Give Back

After the interview, send an email to thank the host for having you on the show. Offer to promote the show on your own platform once it goes live.

Remember that podcast hosts are itching for good guests. New content helps them just as much as it helps you to be on the podcast. Do a great job, and you’ll both benefit!,

Find Podcasts to Be a Guest On

Did you know that there are multiple services dedicated to matching podcast guests and hosts together?

Using one, or all of these services can help you get on other people’s podcasts: 

More Tips on Guest Podcasting

In this episode “quick hit,” Josh Elledge, the CEO of UpMyInfluence talks about how to be a great podcast guest. Josh is the host of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur and has made over 2000 media appearances, and 300 podcast guest appearances. 

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