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The Best Relaxing Podcasts


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Listening to relaxing podcasts are a great way to wind down, wash away stress, and even fall asleep to.

We searched high and low and curated this list of the absolute best podcasts for relaxation. Enjoy!

nothing much happens podcast

1. Nothing Much Happens

Kathryn Nicolai, host and creator of Nothing Much Happens, wants you to have sweet dreams. When we sleep, we’re given a chance to fully decompress and recharge. Kathryn is a yoga and meditation teacher that delivers bedtime stories for grown-ups designed to bring you to a place of calm and comfort. As you listen, you’ll notice the story is told twice. Once at regular speed, and then again at a slower pace.

It’s not surprising that Kathryn refers to herself as an architect of coziness. Her stories give listeners the opportunity to ease their minds and explore what she calls “small sweet moments of joy and relaxation.”


sleep with me podcast

2. Sleep With Me

Drew Ackerman is the host of the Sleep with Me podcast. His show comes up in countless websites as the go-to podcast for falling asleep. When you drift off to sleep, you’re helping to protect your mental health which can have a profound impact on your quality of life, and physical health as well. With his unique blend of storytelling and silliness, Drew aims to relax your body and mind so you can be entertained at first, and then bored to tears so you can sleep peacefully.


sleep whispers podcast

3. Sleep Whispers

The Sleep Whispers podcast features whispered reading to help you fully relax as you listen to stories, poems, and even educational articles.


mindful podcast

4. Mindful

The Mindful Podcast was created by Mindful Magazine, a website “dedicated to sharing the gifts of mindfulness.” Each episode features a different guided meditation designed to help listeners with everything from coping with grief to reconnecting with a partner.


tracks to relax podcast

5. Tracks To Relax

Tracks To Relax was developed with the goal of helping people fall asleep quickly.

The idea for the show resulted from the realization that many people lead busy lives, and have high levels of stress that can prevent them from getting the rest they want and need.

Episodes feature empowering affirmations, and podcast host Alan Crossley says that his tracks will help you take a break from all the stress of daily life.


soul music podcast

6. Soul Music

Soul Music was created by the BBC network. Music can move a person, excite them, and even relax them. Each episode features music in the background along with tales related to the song told by fans, listeners, musicians, and more.


sleep and relax asmr podcast

7. Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep and Relax ASMR promises to help you – you guessed it – sleep and relax. Whispering, relaxing noise in the background, and other ASMR triggers come together in the weekly episodes to calm even the busiest of minds.


the daily meditation podcast

8. The Daily Meditation Podcast

Created by the founder of Sip and Om Mary Meckley, The Daily Meditation Podcast gives listeners a full library of meditations to listen to for health, happiness, peace, and better sleep.

Mary, who’s stress trigger is negative people, is certified in the art of meditation, Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arranging), and Feng Shui (the art of space arrangement). She launched her podcast to help thousands of people learn how to meditate.


sleepy podcast

9. Sleepy

The Sleepy Podcast came up in dozens of lists of the best relaxing podcasts. It makes perfect sense because one episode in and we were already ready for bed. And, hearing stories of old from “Pinocchio” to “Jack and Jill,” “Anne of Green Gables” to “The Count of Monte Cristo” has never been quite as soothing.

Perhaps the most amusing episode however, was the one in which host Otis Gray read two hours of Webster’s Dictionary in his baritone voice.


on being podcast

10. On Being

If you have ever questioned what it means to be human, or how you want to live, On Being with Krista Tippett is for you.

Interestingly enough, Krista’s work with the On Being podcast even led to President Obama awarding her with the National Humanities Medal in 2014.

What draws most listeners to the podcast is not so much media attention, but referrals. The podcast has turned into more than just a weekly show. It’s a non-profit movement that gives listeners the ability to make social transformation possible.


More Relaxing Podcasts Hosted Right Here on


The goal of this podcast is to connect you with your inner self. Through guided meditations, and the “Poetry from Within,” host Mira Uniat helps guide listeners through the ebbs and flows of their spiritual path.


Breathe In - A Guided Meditation Podcast

Breathe In – A Guided Meditation Podcast

Join host Jessika Jaime in her weekly episodes where she walks listeners through meditations that are perfect for beginners. She says by the ends of these short episodes, you’ll walk away focused, balanced, and feeling much more calm.


Meditation House Call Podcast

Meditation House Call

Host Lisa Udelson perfectly blends storytelling and guided meditation in this unique podcast. Each episode is around fifteen minutes long and Udelson says it’s a great show to listen to if you want to manage your fear and learn how to be fully present.


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