Meditation House Call

by Lisa Udelson

A podcast that combines relatable anecdotes with guided meditations created by an award-winning filmmaker and certified mindfulness teacher. Think “The Moth” storytelling meets meditation. Coming in at around fifteen minutes, Lisa's chronicles are relatable, and the meditations accessible for beginners as well as long time practitioners. This series is for people who want to manage fears and be more fully present without being ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Brood X

    Brood X

    Lisa connects vulnerability to silent retreats, the pandemic, the Ten Plagues, and trillions of cicadas.

  • Teaching the Pesto

    Teaching the Pesto

    Lisa gets schooled in the art of authenticity by sharing her passion for pesto.

  • Generosity Gauge

    Generosity Gauge

    When her beloved vintage sports car breaks down, Lisa ponders the act of giving assistance to others - or not - then leads a mindfulness meditation on compassion.

  • Putting the Dog Down

    Putting the Dog Down

    After the demise of a beloved pet, Lisa considers the role of intuition as a factor in making tough decisions.

  • Friend of the Devil

    Friend of the Devil

    Lisa reflects on her struggle with torturous migraine headaches and using meditation to manage the symptoms. Her story is followed by a guided meditation on using mindfulness to manage physical - or emotional - pain.