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In a recent discussion, Product Evagelist, Joe Casabona welcomed John Matarazzo, Digital Content Specialist for Charisma Media, to talk about the the Charisma Podcast Network’s recent switch to as their podcast hosting provider.

Introducing John Matarazzo

John Matarazzo works at Charisma Media as a Digital Content Specialist, overseeing the Charisma Podcast Network. This network is a collective of roughly a hundred podcasters, each contributing to a diverse range of topics and stories. John’s passion lies in aiding these creators to amplify their voices and enhance their storytelling capabilities.

The Charisma Podcast Network and

The Charisma Podcast Network has seen significant growth and development, partly due to strategic partnerships and technological advancements.

One of the key moves for the network was transitioning their hosting services to, motivated by the need for a more user-friendly and supportive platform for their podcasters.

Key Reasons for Migrating to

  • Technical Challenges: Prior to moving to, the network faced considerable hurdles with their former hosting service, which was not as accessible or intuitive for users. This complexity often led to John spending a considerable amount of time on technical support, detracting from content creation and network growth.
  • More Intuitive User Interface: The switch to provided Charisma podcasters with an easier, more straightforward user interface. not only facilitated podcasters in managing their shows more efficiently, but also provided detailed analytics, which were crucial for understanding listener engagement and optimizing content delivery.
  • Analytics and Growth:’s analytics feature has been a game-changer for the network, offering insights into listener demographics and behaviors. This data has empowered podcasters within the network to target their content more effectively, leading to increased engagement and growth.
  • Enhanced Features: Beyond simplifying podcast management, introduced features like automatic transcripts, improving SEO and making episodes more accessible. This has allowed for easier sharing of content and has contributed to organic growth within the network.

The Impact of Switching to

The transition to has not only alleviated technical burdens but has also opened up new avenues for growth and engagement within the Charisma Podcast Network. The platform’s commitment to regular updates and the introduction of new features has kept the network on the cutting edge of podcasting technology.

The move to stands out as a pivotal decision for Charisma Media, one that has facilitated smoother operations, better content, and a stronger connection with their audience.

John’s experience and insights underscore the importance of adaptability, support, and the right technological tools in the success of any podcasting endeavor. With, the Charisma Podcast Network has not only found a solution to its immediate needs but also a partner in its ongoing growth and evolution.

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