Work In Progress

by Kat Irwin & Nikoleta Angelova

Hi, we’re Kat & Nikoleta your hosts of the “Work in Progress” the podcast for surviving solopreneurs. Join us to recharge and unwind as we get honest about the ups and downs in our solopreneur journeys.

We talk about relatable issues we have as small business owners ourselves and how to overcome those. We’re not experts, we’re both just works in progress - so together let’s laugh at our flaws and figure out how to  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Work Life Balance | SEO, Entrepreneurship, And Life With Samantha Blake

    Work Life Balance | SEO, Entrepreneurship, And Life With Samantha Blake

    Join us in this episode as we sit down with Samantha Blake, a successful entrepreneur and SEO expert. Samantha shares her journey of balancing a 9-5 job with freelancing, and how she manages to prioritize work, relationships and me-time. She also shares her tips and hacks for managing energy and avoiding burnout. In this episode, we dive into: - The reasons behind Samantha's decision to start freelancing and her ultimate goal. - How she balances her workload and schedules her time, including her non-negotiables and how she prioritizes her energy. - Her answers to questions from our social media audience, including her favourite tools for web design and SEO, how she manages her energy, and where her clients come from. - Her practical advice for managing entrepreneurs who struggle with their work-life balance. Samantha also shares what she is currently working on and cooking if the conversation goes that way. Don't miss this inspiring and informative conversation with Samantha. Watch the full episode and subscribe for more content on entrepreneurship, and work-life balance.

  • Digital Nomading and Changing Business With Elisabeth Mayr

    Digital Nomading and Changing Business With Elisabeth Mayr

    Welcome to another exciting episode of the Work In Progress Cast! 😊🎉 In this episode, we delve into the world of digital nomadism and business transformation with Elisabeth Mayr, a freelance UX designer and digital nomad currently based in Japan. Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:40 Elisabeth's next destination 0:52 Insights on jetlag by @elisabethmayr4998 4:47 Elisabeth's mindset before venturing into freelancing 6:57 Her upbringing and experiences with overachieving 8:18 Describing Austrians and addressing stereotypes 9:35 Comparing complaints in rich countries 11:25 Advocating for travel as a school requirement 11:55 Appreciating public transport and a shocking Manila train incident 12:59 The motivation behind Elisabeth's digital nomad journey 15:58 Embracing challenges and personal growth 18:12 Cultural detachment through travel 21:58 Rethinking the "Where are you from?" question 24:22 Advice for aspiring digital nomads and insights on coliving 27:32 Unusual experiences in hostels and coliving 28:51 Tips on handling food poisoning and trying local cuisines 33:05 Venturing into non-English menu eateries 34:08 Elisabeth's business transitions and the role of UX in coaching 36:48 Coaching experiences and their distinction from therapy 38:43 Importance of networking and coffee chats 43:48 Perspectives on the term "coach" 47:30 Understanding the essence of coaching 50:52 Humorous moments and Elisabeth's business card reveal 53:36 Insights on the Financial Freedom for Freelancers course 56:06 Where to connect with Elisabeth 57:30 Outro

  • Dance Movement Balance And Motion Design With Tanya Bendis

    Dance Movement Balance And Motion Design With Tanya Bendis

    Episode Summary: Welcome to another exciting episode where Tanya Bendis shares insights into her life, career, and experiences. The episode covers various topics from her early college days to her creative projects, experiences with burnout, and the role of dancing in her life. Episode Chapters: Intro and Tanya Bendis' JourneyIntroduction to Tanya Bendis and her life path. Journey to Europe and ZagrebHow Tanya ended up in Europe and Zagreb, Croatia. Parental Support and Early CollegeExploring how Tanya's parents support her decisions and the idea of starting college early. Embracing OpportunitiesDiscussing how saying yes to opportunities shapes one's path. Personal Development and Goddess ManifestationSpending time wisely for personal growth and discussing the goddess manifested in Tanya's life. Side Projects and Main JobTanya's side projects alongside her main job at @omnisearch1954. Experience with Burnout and Dancing During CovidTanya's experience with burnout and insights on dancing during Covid times. Saying No, Showing Up, and MotivationExploring the connection between saying no, showing up for others, and finding motivation. Energy, Motion Design, and DancingTanya's experience with energy, motion design, and how dancing influences her work. Regrets and Project ManagementReflecting on regrets, project management, and knowing when to stop investing time in a project. Career Takeaways and Creative FreedomTanya's key takeaways from her career and balancing creative freedom in freelancing and permanent jobs. Where to Find Tanya BendišInformation on where to connect with Tanya Bendiš. Personal Encounters and OutroRecounting personal encounters with Tanya and wrapping up the episode.

  • We are back! Let’s open up about the humble beginnings

    We are back! Let’s open up about the humble beginnings

    Introduction: Join us for a cosy coffee chat as Work In Progress returns! Your hosts, Nikoleta and Kat, share insights into our journey and get into the topic of humble beginnings. Catch-Up: Discover the highs and lows of our holiday break and January, including insights on navigating slow business and rethinking client acquisition strategies, and tips on health, recovery, and managing multiple roles. Upcoming Episodes and Hot Topics: Exciting episodes ahead! Tune in for discussions on mental health, burnout, juggling jobs, navigating layoffs, and the solopreneur journey. Reframing and Updating: Explore our early days - designing a 5-6 page website for $100 and creating a mobile app for 70€. 😬 Engage in spontaneous discussions on projects and lessons learned. Takeaways: Update your LinkedIn profile. Acknowledge your achievements. Revisit and strategize your goals. Share your experiences with others. Outro: Stay tuned for more insightful episodes! Follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes content, and feel free to DM us. Keep working, keep smiling - the best is yet to come!

  • Motherhood, Entrepreneurship & Changing Careers. Is It Ever Too Late?

    Motherhood, Entrepreneurship & Changing Careers. Is It Ever Too Late?

    Welcome to another exciting guest episode everyone! 😊🎉We are extremely excited to introduce you to Darija Livaić a former journalist and editor-in-chief for a famous Croatian news portal and now content strategist who is passionate about crafting exciting content for micro businesses and mompreneurs. First topic: Transitioning from Corporate Career to Freelance: Darija shares her personal experiences, ranging from the corporate domain to freelancing and evolving into a content strategist. We explore the motivations driving this shift, the hurdles faced at each stage, and Darija's unique perspective on defining and measuring success in her current role. The conversation reveals valuable lessons and tips for those contemplating a similar career transition. Transition to the second topic: As we pivot to our next focus, we touch upon Darija's emphasis on women and mothers in her new business direction. Embracing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: Darija opens up about the deep impact of motherhood on her life, providing insights into the shifts in her self-identity and work approach. The conversation goes into the intricacies of being a solopreneur, balancing the demands of work with the priorities of motherhood. We explore Darija's altered definition of success and its implications in both corporate and freelance contexts. The discussion also uncovers the positive aspects of integrating motherhood with entrepreneurship and seeks Darija's advice for fellow mothers venturing into their own businesses. Conclusion: In the concluding segment, we extract Darija's important advice for new freelancers and mothers navigating similar journeys. We thank Dariija for her valuable contributions, allowing her a moment for personal promotions. Listeners are encouraged to share their own career transition stories in the comments or DMs. The episode wraps up with a sincere thank you to the audience, inviting them to stay engaged with the podcast.