Lee Levy: Growing Local Businesses and Friendships

Woman Owned Agency by Sheryle Gillihan

Episode notes

Lee Levy is a Los Angeles-based creative director and founder of Nex Graphics, with a proven track record of helping companies build a strong presence across the World Wide Web. Bringing 25 years of industry experience, she provides graphic design and web solutions identity with a refined aesthetic. She graduated with a BA degree from Florida State University, and began consulting with clients immediately, putting her skills to good use. 25 years later, she collaborated with many companies to improve their brand identity and web presence. With the constant evolution of the industry and the requirements to adapt, she is motivated to educate her clients and handle new challenges constantly. She overcame a battle with Breast Cancer in 2019, and has come back with a vengeance!!!! She was recently featured as a successful entrepreneur in DOTCOM and Vo ... 

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