Stacey Edelstein: Storytelling and delineating between our brands

Woman Owned Agency by Sheryle Gillihan

Episode notes

About our guest Stacey Edelstein:

Stacey Edelstein is a community organizer at heart, helping bold causes leverage the creative power of branding, design, and technology to create change. At Raygun, she lead her talented team in developing beautiful brands and digital experiences that help organizations reach their audiences and create impact in their communities. She believes that when you can communicate your vision clearly and confidently, the possibilities for support are endless.

Stacey is also an organizer for two regional design festivals — Tijuana Design Week & San Diego Design Week - as well as Creative Mornings San Diego, the largest monthly meetup for creatives in San Diego.

Prior to running her own business, she was the website editor and lead designer at StoryCorps, a nonprofit oral history proj ... 

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