Why In The World

by Ben Sheppard

Join Ben Sheppard as he asks adventurers, athletes, and those with inspiring stories, why? * NEW EPISODES SOON * #WhyInTheWorld 🌍 

Podcast episodes

  • E51 - Fran Turauskis

    E51 - Fran Turauskis

    Fran Turauskis is an lover of everything adventure, from hiking the Camino solo to running ultras. Fran also champions epilepsy awareness after being diagnosed in 2015 and hosts her own podcast called ’Seize your adventure’.Episod...

  • E50 - Fergus Crawley

    E50 - Fergus Crawley

    Fergus Crawley is a mental health advocate who has turned his hand to ultra endurance. With an impressive adventure CV that is constantly growing Fergus continues to push the boundaries of what is possible while telling his story ...

  • E49 - Ben Sheppard & Jake Lowe

    E49 - Ben Sheppard & Jake Lowe

    Something a little different as our host Ben Sheppard recounts his experience pre, during and post his 24 hour track challenge with fellow podcaster and runner Jake Lowe. The clips are taken from Jake’s show ‘Running with Jake - T...

  • E48 - Alex Staniforth

    E48 - Alex Staniforth

    Alex is a record-breaking adventurer, endurance athlete, author and mental health activist, in both 2015 and 17 he ventured to Nepal to take on Everest and ultimately both trips ended in tragedy. He’s now inspiring others through ...

  • E47 - Cameron Jeffers

    E47 - Cameron Jeffers

    Cameron Jeffers is a high level cyclist and YouTuber who has 100K subscribers, he’s done some amazingly imaginative challenges on his channel and works to show that cycling is accessible to the masses.Episode Note, this episode wa...