What I Love About Bell with Hillary Cole

by Bell Wine Cellars

Hillary Cole, Director of Sales at Bell Wine Cellars, discusses her passion for wine in general and specifically what sets Bell Wine Cellars apart. Hillary started out as a military linguist and counter-terrorism analyst in the Washington, DC area, during which time she also had the opportunity to visit vineyards in Italy fairly regularly. The serenity and romance of the vineyards were a stark contrast to her Intelligence ca ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Focus on Education

    Focus on Education

    We have Hillary Cole back from her travel to France for Season 2 What I Love About Bell podcast. Listen as she discusses Bell 2020 wine scores that just got released! We are thrilled that 2020 wines scored in the mid to high 90's. We are happy to have a vintage that we are proud of and fits in our library seamlessly with the quality we shoot for. Hillary is preparing for her travel in May to Bordeaux, France our wine club members. In November 2024 we are offering a cruise in Burgundy, France to our wine club members. We have bottling coming up in July. Wine club members can join us either July 5th or July 6th. Learn more: https://www.bellwine.com/our-events/ We have our next vintage of Sparkling wine, Blanc de Noirs, coming in. Our Sauvignon Blanc will be released in May and our Chardonnay in October. Visit us this summer! We have indoor and outdoor tastings available. https://www.bellwine.com/experience/ What does Hillary love about Bell? The focus on education. She will be writing a curriculum about all of the single clones that we do. Bell is Napa's leading researcher and producer of single clone Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • 2020 Red Wine Releases

    2020 Red Wine Releases

    Listen in as as our Winemaker, John Hazak, takes us through our recently released 2020 red wines. This is John's first vintage start to back with Bell Wine Cellars and he is excited and proud of this release. 2020 brought challenges with drought and fires. The good thing about 2020 is the quality we did bring in was great, but there is not much of it. The 2020's are fitting with current trends of 18's, 19's, 20's and 21's. Our 2020 wines are exemplary of what Napa can do and certainly age worthy. 2020 Release Clone 7, Clone 338, Clone 191, 169, 337, Reserve Cab

  • Season 1

  • 2022 Highlights

    2022 Highlights

    Enjoy the highlights from Season 1! We look forward to starting Season 2 production in 2023! Thank you for joining us along this journey. Stay tuned for more. Happy New Year!

  • Not Tired

    Not Tired

    The Scoundrel has a whole new look and the new label has officially been released. This mischief-maker also has his own social media and website now! https://www.facebook.com/thescoundrelwine https://www.instagram.com/thescoundrelwine/ https://the-scoundrel.com/ Our holiday gift sets have been released! Be sure to check those out at: https://www.bellwine.com/collection/ This is the best time to be at a winery! Beautiful color changes and harvest is completed allowing crews to catch their breath. Our winemaker, John Hazak, joins us for an update on what has been going on around the winery and exciting new projects that are on the horizon including how we can become an organic and sustainable winery.

  • A Gift

    A Gift

    We are coming to you from the "Meeting Room," one of the four new interior tasting rooms at Bell Wine Cellars. We just hosted our first event in two years, the 2022 Harvest Dinner. It was wonderful to be with our Wine Club Members and share our Library Wines with them. Reminder that The Scoundrel Reveal Party is November 12th from 6-9pm @ Bell Wine Cellars. Be sure to follow @thescoundrelwine for all the latest! What does Hillary love about Bell? "It feels like a gift". These wines, this team, our ownership and this place is exactly what a winery could be should be and would be..." #BellWineCellars #YountvilleWinery #NapaWinery #WineCountry #NapaValley #Wine #VisitNapaValley #WineTasting #WineLover #Napa #Yountville #BellWine #Harvest2022 #2022Vintage #BellTeam #Scoundrel #InnerScoundrel