Security & Safety: Chandru, Milly & Thomas Scovell

LabTalks: The Non-Fungible Podcast by Alkimi Exchange

Episode notes

Hi Alkimists!

Welcome to another episode of LabTalks! This week Chandru and Milly were joined by special guest Thomas Scovell! You all know him as THE Alkimist and the Alkimi lead community manager. Thomas is Chief Strategy Officer for New Zealand's largest independent advertising agency and has spent the last two decades in NZ and London, leading the marketing for some of the world's best-known brands and winning awards for digital innovation, brand strategy, and creative direction. This week we wanted to talk about something that we know has been a big impact on our community at the moment- safety and security. The guys talked through some scams to look out for, how best you can protect yourself, and finally what Alkimi is doing to protect you. We hope this can help at least 1 person to avoid a scammer.

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