LabTalks: Meet The Eidgensi Team

LabTalks: The Non-Fungible Podcast by Alkimi Exchange

Episode notes

Welcome to LabTalks: The Non-Fungible Podcast!

To kick off our new series meet the Eidgensi Team. Ben & Chorley, Alkimi Co-Founders are joined by Georges Tertois, Morgan Selbekk and Paul Dimmock.

Check out Eidgensi here:

The guys introduce Eidgensi: a creative media agency that enables advertising, design & development for the new era of the internet. Eidgensi leverages their expertise across a number of disciplines ensuring a seamless end-to-end digital experience.

WEB 2.0

Programmatic advertising, blockchain-enabled strategy

WEB 2.5

End-to-end creative, campaigns, strategy and services

WEB 3.0

Elevate your brand and step into th ... 

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