Ways Women Lead - 6 Group

by Anna Gromadzka

Putting it simply this is: Women who inspire Women. Having seen the remarkable results of the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives among the organisations they work with, Executive Search consultancy 6 Group decided to build on this success and share inspiring stories to facilitate sharing of best practices and, most importantly, to show how many inspiring female role models are out there.  In this monthly Podcast hosted by Anna ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 16 - Feminine Leadership

    Episode 16 - Feminine Leadership

    Emmi Marjetta has over 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding. She has worked throughout her career within the technology field, where her journey has led her into rapidly expanding environments such as cybersecurity and circular economy.Emmi is a leader of high-functioning, global teams and speaks frequently about authentic leadership style and empowerment. Emmi is a co-founder of a network Feminine Leadership Circle, which is a community built to enhance leadership skills, find empowerment, and discover exciting ways to unlock an individual´s potential. Emmi is an advocate of the feminine leadership style, that leans towards the traits that are traditionally described as feminine, such as empathy, collaboration, and receptivity.In this episode of Ways Women Lead, Emmi shares her insights on how her leadership journey began with emotional intelligence, how anyone can be more authentic as a leader and why networks are such a powerful tool to find allies and empowerment.

  • Episode 15 - Empowering Leadership in the Automotive Industry

    Episode 15 - Empowering Leadership in the Automotive Industry

    Laurence Noël is a distinguished leader with an impressive 27-year career in the automotive industry. Having worked for Stellantis and the PSA Group before its merger with Fiat Chrysler, Laurence has held various key positions, including Research & Development, Corporate Planning, General Management, and Business Development. She has led business units across Asia and worldwide from Europe.Throughout her career, Laurence has been at the forefront of implementing new businesses and driving transformative initiatives. She started as an engineer at the PSA Group and has since traversed a diverse professional journey, managing development projects, engaging in strategic planning, overseeing manufacturing and sales, and even spearheading the establishment of a groundbreaking circular economy business model in her most recent role as a Senior Vice President of the Business Unit at Stellantis.Passionate about business, sustainability, technologies, and the automotive sector, Laurence is a firm believer in empowering others and creating a supportive environment for individuals to thrive.Laurence's contributions have been recognized and honored in 2018, when she was bestowed the prestigious title of Knight of the Legion of Honor, conferred by Louis Gallois.

  • Episode 14 - Driving DEI: Empowering Automotive Leaders

    Episode 14 - Driving DEI: Empowering Automotive Leaders

    Drita Roggenbuck is a Senior Vice President & General Manager - Transportation Business Unit at NI (National Instruments), a producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software for applications such as data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision. Over the past 20 years, Drita has had an exciting career in the Automotive and Transportation sectors, progressing through roles of increased responsibility from Engineering, through Program Management, and Sales & Business Development, to Global Business and P&L Leadership. Drita is passionate about developing successful, effective and inclusive leaders. In this episode of Way Women Lead, Drita will share a story of her own leadership journey as well as insights on the importance of role models and mentoring. Drita will share her challenges and successes of leading across diverse cultures, as well as tips and best practices for fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and developing effective leaders within organisations.

  • Episode 13 - Everyone has a DEI Story

    Episode 13 - Everyone has a DEI Story

    Lena Tsvetinskaya has over 20 years of experience in HR & Communications, having worked for global organisations such as IKEA and PepsiCo where she has spent the last 10 years progressing through roles of increased responsibility focusing on driving cultural transformation, designing talent, diversity and inclusion, communications, and engagement strategies as well as driving digital talent initiatives.Lena has led HR initiatives and teams in complex multi-cultural matrix environments, working from Asia, Europe, and Americas, leading across global teams and organisations.While at PepsiCo, Lena was awarded a highly commended ‘Diversity Team of The Year’ award as well as the PepsiCo Chairman’s Award for Raising the Bar in Talent & Diversity.In this episode of Ways Women Lead, Lena shares insights into how to drive effective Talent, Engagement and DEI initiatives in fast-moving complex environments.

  • Episode 12 - Leading in the Renewable Energy and Clean-Tech Sectors

    Episode 12 - Leading in the Renewable Energy and Clean-Tech Sectors

    Caterina Gorni is the founding partner of Oaktree Renewables and P3 Renewables, companies specialised in the development, financing and management of renewable energy assets, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and biogas.Caterina has over 20 years of experience in Renewable energy investment which includes private equity and exposure to the entire investment cycle (from origination to exit), having mainly focused on developing, financing, building and operating renewable energy assets.Caterina is passionate about renewable energy and clean-tech sectors and she aims to share her passion and contribute to the development of those sectors by providing advice and support to investors and start-up businesses in their growth strategies.In this episode of Ways Women Lead, Caterina shares the story of her career progression in the renewable energy and clean-tech space. We are also exploring topics such as entrepreneurship and the reasons why we should attract more women to this highly creative space as well as the current challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy sector and how Oaktree Renewables and P3 Renewables play an important part in driving forward innovation that allows the sector to continue to advance.