Watch With Jen - S2: E27 - Irish Mob Movies with Blake Howard

Published: Jul 09 2021

This week, I'm proud to welcome back one of my dear mates (as he would say), Mr. Blake Howard. A podcaster extraordinaire, Blake is the man behind One Heat Minute Productions. Recent acclaimed podcasts you can find from him include All the President's Minutes, Josie and the Podcats, Increment Vice - hosted by our good friend Travis Woods - and the new Zodiac Chronicle. Additionally, Blake is a very insightful film writer and has recently launched a cool column on heist films at Vague Visages.

Couple this with the fact that he's a devoted husband and father of two adorable young children and is also going back to school to become a teacher, and he's one of the busiest men I know. (He's also one of the nicest!) And as someone lucky enough to chat with him nearly every week in our Pandemic Movie Club, I was thrilled to have him back on the podcast to discuss three masterful Irish Mob Movies: Miller's Crossing, Road to Perdition, and The Departed in an energetic, upbeat (save for a few risky opinions), and very entertaining feature-length chat.

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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