Watch With Jen - S2: E28 - Rock Across the Decades with Stephanie Crawford

Published: Jul 16 2021

This week, I was so pleased to welcome back the lovely, very funny, & terribly sweet Stephanie Crawford. A talented film writer and podcaster with an infectious love of cinema and physical media, you can check out Stephanie's work at her personal website House of a Reasonable Amount of Horrors.

Teaming up to celebrate the new 4K release of Almost Famous, we study three key rock music movies that explore (and were made in) three different decades. In this affectionate, personal, yet analytical conversation, we discuss Tom Hanks' 1996 directorial debut That Thing You Do! (which was set in the '60s), Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous from 2000 (which took place in the early '70s), and the iconic Prince rock movie Purple Rain from director Albert Magnoli which was made in and represents the early 1980s.

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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