Watch With Jen - S2: E26 - Preston Sturges with Jordan Harper

Published: Jul 01 2021

Returning to Watch With Jen today is one of the podcast's most popular and frequent guests - my good friend and Pandemic Movie Club buddy Jordan Harper.

An Edgar award-winning crime writer of the remarkable novel She Rides Shotgun and the terrific book of short stories Love and Other Wounds, Jordan also works in Hollywood as a TV writer and producer and has been behind such series as The Mentalist, Gotham, and Hightown. He also created a stunning pilot for CBS of L.A. Confidential that was just celebrated at the ATX Festival as well.

And since the most frequent feedback I receive whenever Jordan is on is compliments about our chemistry and banter (as evidenced in the David Mamet episode), it's only fitting that this time around, we ditched the crime genre in favor of screwball comedies.

Breaking down the subversive wit, ingenuity, and downright horniness of four famous Preston Sturges movies, we discuss Barbara Stanwyck's powers of seduction as a con-woman in The Lady Eve, the lessons Hollywood can and has learned from Sullivan's Travels, the chaotic confidence of The Palm Beach Story, and the brilliance of Eddie Bracken yelling "Spots!" in The Miracle of Morgan's Creek.

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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