Watch With Jen - S2: E25 - Creative Women Onscreen with The Classic Film Collective

Published: Jun 25 2021

Since I was a few days late with the last episode, this week, you have two terrific new installments of Watch With Jen to enjoy (as well as a Patreon only bonus episode of Watch With Jen: Ask Me Anything where I answer your burning questions).

And keeping with the theme of more is more, in this episode, I am joined by not one but five wonderfully talented women to talk about a handful of their favorite representations of female creativity in classic movies. My guests, Kate Gabrielle, Meg Hesketh, Raquel Stecher, Jill Blake, and Marya E. Gates are all contributors to Gabrielle's inspired new Patreon, The Fifth Avenue Anti-Stuffed Shirt & Flying Trapeze Club Classic Film Collective, where they share prose, poetry, art, music, etc. that's centered on classic movies.

From Bette Davis battling her twin sister to Deanna Durbin scheming Broadway to Joan Crawford taking on her daughter to an indie favorite from director Claudia Weill, we cover a lot of ground in this chatty episode. Discussing our own creative processes, along with double standards in the arts, our checkered relationship stories (romantic & otherwise), and more, it's a whole lot of fun.

Theme Music: Solo Acoustic Guitar by Jason Shaw, Free Music Archive

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