Watch With Jen - S2: E19 - Westerns with Nikki Dolson

Published: May 15 2021

Kind, witty, and wildly gifted, Nikki Dolson is a prolific crime writer whose work has been published in such well-respected places as Shotgun Honey, Tough, ThugLit, and Bartleby Snopes. The author of what she affectionately calls "a novelish thing" - the book All Things Violent - Nikki has also released a short story collection entitled Love and Other Criminal Behavior. And later this year, one of Nikki's outstanding pieces will appear in the prestigious Best American Mystery and Suspense stories anthology for 2021, edited by Alafair Burke and Steph Cha.

In this intriguing episode that's sure to delight bibliophiles and cinephiles alike, Nikki returns to the pod to consider all things western. From the adaptations of two stellar short western stores by Elmore Leonard and Annie Proulx (including 3:10 to Yuma and Brokeback Mountain, respectively) to Young Guns and beyond, we evaluate both what makes an adaptation successful and the genre as a whole. A woman whose wit and intelligence shines through no matter what topic, this wide-ranging installment is filled with laughter and irresistibly rapid-fire conversation. (Note: This episode contains plot spoilers)

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